Today’s events are tomorrow’s history, transmitted through paper. It is a substance we touch and see every day. It is the documents we keep and it communicates reality through its physical presence. Paper and board have become part of our daily life.


The more we admire this fine commodity, the more we marvel at the high level of technology necessary to make it take shape and fulfill the required standards.



  • Fine paper grades: Coated, Uncoated, Office paper, Carbonless and Copy paper
  • Publishing grades:  Newsprint, SC mechanical,  MWC and LWC
  • Boards: Duplex board, Folding box board, Solid bleached boards and Greyboard
  • Industrial paper: Cigarette papers and boards, Food grades papers, PE coated papers and Liquid packaging
  • Specialty paper: Grease proof papers, Security paper, Thin papers, Bleached and Brown Kraft paper

Letterhead Papers & Envelopes

Our main brand for Letterhead and Envelope is Commander from Holland which comes in 4 different textures: Laid, Linen, Hammer, and Wove. It is also available in 3 shades: High White, Off-White, and Light Cream. The available substances are 95g for letterhead with size 43x61cm, 250g & 300g for business card plus cover in 70x100cm size and 120g for envelope with size 22x11cm.